UK/EU in/out #10: Prayer of protection for Britain (& Ireland!)

Another piece of The Invisible Jigsaw is put into placeI hit the desk straight after breakfast only to be hit in turn by a message from Hamilton, in scenic Montana!  I’d intended kicking-off my blog-day after checking email, by finding a map of the UK for blogging about what Nina and I had just been praying.

LO and BEHOLD, I find my cyber-friend Tim Shey, out on The Road hitch-hiking western USA, has copied my previous post for his blog AND inserted a map of the British Isles! JUST the job!  So yet another piece is put into the invisible jigsaw – thank and praise you Lord. And thank you Tim!

Symbolic of Holy Spirit's active power across the AtlanticNow it’s not just that he’s an anglophile who’s enthusiastic about our Christian history and legacy but, moreover, it’s also another fine example of the Holy Spirit’s ‘bridge over the Pond’.

Ever since the Olympic Games were held here in 2012 Nina and I starting most days by using the blessing prayers for all the towns and cities listed in Keep Praying and Bless. (This link is to original version, which may take a minute to load because of video – click here for version adapted for praying around any neighbourhood.) In addition to the day’s specific location our hometown and nearby villages and church leaders are included.

The original purpose was to pray, bless and make declarations along the 70-days route of the Olympic Torch and thereby counteract its pagan influence. A Praise Bus preceded the official torch relay by about an hour’s time, as told in our personal account here.


In recent years we’ve also used an A5-size map with ordinary geographical features on one side and, on its reverse, the main routes across the UK. (I didn’t scan it because it’s now  well-used.)  I’ve found this a useful aid, especially when saying the Prayer of Protection, which I’ve modified slightly as follows:

‘Almighty Father, we come to You in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, and in that mighty Name we break the power of every strategy and assignment sent against the British Isles and Ireland (and against ….) We pray the mighty covering of the Living Blood of Jesus Christ over our villages, towns and cities; over our coastlands, seaports and airports; over our roadways, railways and waterways and traffic thereon – as well as over ourselves and….

‘We ask that You release the angelic host to protect us from every spiritual and terrorist attack – especially our landmarks and each member of the royal family person and their premises and in public.

‘Lift each citizen above every circumstance and crisis. We affirm the finished work of Christ over all demonic forces and decree: no weapon formed against the plans and purposes for the British Isles and Ireland will prosper. We also decree: no longer will violence be heard in our land, or destruction within or at our borders. We bless the atmosphere to be charged with peace and order. Amen’  (Isaiah 54:17 & 60:18) 


Perhaps you too would like to use that material in your intercessions?

I was to find that Tuesday’s blessing was right for what was to follow that evening. It was for Oxford (and our locality) and I its decree reads: ‘I AM The Lord Sitting On my Throne’ (Rev 3:15).

So we declared, “Our God rules and reigns over these nations and it is He who is far above all things – all rule and authority,power and dominion and every title that can be given.

Next I said the regular Prayer of Blessing and Aaronic prayer followed by this specific one: “We bless you British Isles and Ireland to know that all things are under the Feet of Jesus”.

Evening’s Meeting

My circulating an intercession email a few weeks ago met a response from a friend not seen for a couple of years. Jonathan suggested we meet up with others to pray regarding the Referendum. Dates were difficult and almost fell by the wayside, but I managed to go to his house on Tuesday.

What an immense surprise to discover that he’s deeply involved in the Leave campaign and says many Christians are supportive. I was amazed to learn of his prolific Facebook page Why leave the EU? covering the media. Yet it’s not at all surprising because I know he’s scrupulous in ferreting out facts and keen on details. His aim is:

  • to provide accurate reasons for leaving the EU, enable discussion of the issues, and answer any questions and the arguments for remaining

Although not a subscriber, my friend’s aware of my blog and personal stance and so one of our longer prayers was for the Lord to expose the full facts and activities hidden from public view. (See last Thursday’s Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU?)

The next day, Jonathan re-posts a new article on just that, with a covering “Haha. The lies are being exposed!” > Huge blow to Remain camp as Cameron admits – “We don’t need the EU to protect worker’s rights”.

We’ll consider my friend’s summary document next…

3 thoughts on “UK/EU in/out #10: Prayer of protection for Britain (& Ireland!)

  1. Thank you for loving God and all HIS people. “HE is not willing that any should perish.” It seems to me HE has allowed me to help HIM carry that burden. It is almost more that I can bear at times but it lets me know how Our God feels. HE says we are to share our burdens so when we do we only have half a burden and the person we shared it with has the other half.

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