Reports of ‘Awakenings’ cont’d – “Get ready to jump!”

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevLet me now share some personal things about the last two posts that may be of interest.

Usually I take a long weekend cyber-break after Thursdays but last week it would be until Tuesday as Monday was a Bank Holiday. As I’d be elsewhere yesterday, I very quickly scan-checked my email on Saturday and noticed a couple from Michael Marcel. (We first met at inter-church prayer meetings for the Thames Valley in Reading in late-1990s and last saw one another at a recent mentoring day in Windsor.)

I sensed it was important to reply to Michael’s email news with some from David Robinson of Bloxham, who too had emailed me on Friday about ‘Awakenings’ in USA, plus an earlier post of mine on related prophecies. Later we chatted on the phone after I’d updated him on what happened when I read out his email to Nina. I emailed him:

‘Have just finished early steak dinner and hooked laptop up to tv so we can check out the links I circulated from you and what David sent.

‘So then happened to notice (other) emails and read them out to Nina…(next) I read aloud your one to pastors but she’d already heard, “Get ready to jump!”

‘After saying so and my starting to reply to you, she then got a picture of a trampoline in a garden and saw a man using it and bouncing so high he went off flying and disappeared from view! She heard that, just as our ordinary muscles need to be used and flexed – so too do our spiritual muscles. She also knows there’s a distinct difference between ordinary and spiritual bouncing, as demonstrated in that ‘video’ picture!’

Michael phoned whilst we were watching Patricia King bring a prophetic word to those meetings in San Diego (as below) and, as he’d just returned from there, I asked if it was connected with her XP Ministries of Maricopa, Ariz, or Harvest International Ministries with Che Ahn in the Pasadena area.

He said, “No, neither – it’s not of any ministry. It’s non-denominational”.  Terrific, that’s as it should be.  I happened to mention about the many times we sense in our spirits, and even getting Holy Spirit ‘sizzles’, when watching Him moving and touching folk in Church of His Presence (Alabama), and explained that I refer to it as “Bridge Over the Pond”  (see Holy Lightning Beyond ‘The Pond’ Strikes in UK in particular).

Michael’s response intrigued me. He said, in one of his books Rick Joyner describes Holy Spirit’s going across the ocean as being like moving over a very long bridge!!

Hmm…very interesting…watch this space!

[Credit: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, courtesy of]

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