Amazing help from Amazon!

In …the Lord’s up to something I referred to three electronic/electro-mechanical failures  upon returning from holiday, and that one brought a surprising outcome. Here’s what happened:

61xnnKKIrgL__SL1000_The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine Nina uses for suppressing pain from her damaged spine started malfunctioning after our return! Purchased from Amazon, it’s only four months old but outside their 30-days return period, yet within statutory warranty. This pocket-sized, battery-operated device hangs from the waistband and is connected to a couple of sticky pads on either side of her spine and through which high frequency electrical impulses are delivered.

These controllable ‘tingles’ go to the brain’s pain-inhibiting mechanisms, thus blocking pain. We got the TENS in time for a week’s break in May for Nina’s first sortie away from home since the injury. Friends kindly offered us their house in Ventnor, southern-most town on the Isle of Wight. It enabled us to overlook the Channel but the drawback was the poor state of the island’s roads – at least island-wide major repair works were underway. It was another enjoyable stay ‘overseas’ by short ferry from Portsmouth.

Ventor View

The TENS machine’s especially valuable whenever required during the day. However, after our second holiday (near the IoW) Nina was needing to turn it up and then found it failed. Fortunately, there’s a second channel for anyone needing to use four pads, but upon trying it she found it, too, worked intermittently.

We needed to get a replacement urgently and so I dug my way around Amazon’s well-written but wordy help system. I was hopeful as their contact system is fairly helpful.

I had a short, text message in mind explaining the vital necessity for replacement – but, rather than deal by email, their online system showed ‘Call’ was recommended. In view of several, less than satisfactory dealings with other businesses, I swallowed hard!

But what happened next was most unexpected and pleasantly surprising. Hitting the ‘call’ button produced an almost instantaneous ring on our desk-top phone!!

I took a minute to adjust to the help assistant’s non-English accent and was amazed to learn that Janal was talking to us from Jamaica – and at Amazon’s expense of a return call!  (We loved Jamaica when we were there.) I explained the necessity of Nina having a replacement before we returned the faulty machine. Janal was most helpful and patient in arranging for cost-free delivery the very next day.

Amazon’s service in quickly providing a replacement under warranty was matchless.

THAT’S how to conduct business in a Kingdom manner – very well done Amazon!

19 thoughts on “Amazing help from Amazon!

    • Thank you kindly Bette. Both events had the same cause; necessity of stopping extreme allergic reactions of unknown cause.

      They started again last Oct but like the previous life-saving high dosage of steroids (prednisolone) this time, although much lower, still had the same effect of weakening my wife’s bones. Early in the New Year another vertebra collapsed and need cementing, but there were also multi-level fractures. So a transdermal patch is necessary at present, boosted by the TENS as and when required.

      We certainly felt under attack but had several reassurances from the Lord it wouldn’t be like the previous time when Nina was confined to a wheelchair. It does mean that sitting in certain chairs and travelling for any extended period becomes difficult. So the fact we can get to the coast in 1/2 hr, or over to IoWight or more westerly coast in 90 mins is a blessing. Your prayers are most appreciated. Thank you.

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        • Thanks Bette and I’ve linked God Heals Today to your post. Please see my reply to Bev below. Friday, Nina went for her first hydrotherapy session to be used in tandem with the on-going physiotherapy that’s strengthening her core muscles to separate ribcage from pelvis. Whilst on holiday she was able to walk better up short low gradients (no-go zones previously).


  1. Have you ever tried Hyssop that God had the children of Israel us in the 40 years in the dessert? After I died from Malaria in Africa and HE raised me from the dead I come home medical air lift and while getting well I used Hyssop on every area where I hurt and did that for two years and now I am ok. I have sprayed that into my hand and rubbed it every where except my eyes. I have sprayed it in my throat for soar throat and it was healed. From what I have read it relines everything that needs it. Helps your body function right. Address to where you can order it as I do not have a credit card so have to do it this way. Paula Santos 2440 30th Ave North St. Petersburg, FL. 33713 I have used this for at least 6 years and have never been dissapointed. I broke my leg and left foot in 5 places and use it for pain for 3 days until I could get to the Dr. I did not have to have a brace, cast, or shoe as I refused them. The LORD said to me to eat anything green so I started eating herbs in a stick of butter. 21 T. of the10 herbs that I found on google that were very high in Protein. + others In 3 days I was standing on my leg unassiated, in 7 days I was waling on my own and in 4 more days I went to my next apt and walked in. The Dr. came in and said your exrays show your bones all healed and I said yes my heavenly Dr. showed my what to do. Just so you know and think you already know our good GOD Blessings Beverley


    • Thank you Bev for your terrific testimony – thank you Lord. (Apologies for the delay in replying) I’ve used frankincense roll-on for Nina’s spine and we love greens – she’s been growing kale and runner beans in our garden. We didn’t know that about hyssop and will look it up. What’s really needed is at least a couple of brand new vertebra to replace the partially collapsed ones held up by bone cement but early in the hard time I had a dream of her being sought for her testimony of complete healing – do it soon Lord.


  2. Look on the right and choose the sq. that says “Preparing the Bride” by Josiah Bennett. This is a must as the rapture that is being taught is one of Satan’s lies. We must get ready and the best way is to have a relationship with Yeshua / Jesus so HE can instruct us every min of every day. Blessings Beverley


  3. E-mail | American Center for Law and Justice God expects us all that are the Children of the LIVING God to pray continually. That is possible as I asked HIM some years ago to teach me how to do that. HE, Holy SPIRIT, OUR TEACHER, said Thank HIM for every thing and then Declare and then Decree and then give HIM praise and thanks for when and where HE has gotten you out of a mess because you ask of HIM. That is another one HE say “ask seek knock and find and if you do not ask you do not have. Then when you read your Bible you are seeking HIM again that is prayer. So you will know how to ask of HIM. You’ll know how to Declare and Decree. Only those in Authority can do this, like a KING. God has made us to have authority over the earth. So I even give HIM the OK to work HIS works on earth just as they are in Heaven. “HE calls it bring heaven to earth to rule and reign. Blrssings. Please sign the NEW SUPREME COURT BREIF. We are the authority on Earth and the KING that is highest above all kings sits in HIS court in HEAVEN. Let us help do our part. No one is above HIS kingship or rule. Be


  4. We the Chruch need to ask of God what we need to do to get ready. I am hearing this way to much for God to be messing around. I have even felt it personally. I have such a hunger to know HIM better. The praise HIM and Thank HIM more for everything. Be3


  5. textonlyI am so excited to read this I just had to email it to every one on my email list. Please read. God is going to send HIS bloved Holy Spirit our teacher once again. Be3


  6. This is a come straight out of God word and we all need to be listening. God wants us to see what HE is doing for us because of who HE is and not what we try to do from the Flesh. (SIN)

    It is long but it keeps your attention as it is so THE TRUTH FROM GOD ALMIGHTY. (Get this out to all who will see God at HIS doing what HE does best. Shows us who HE is.) Be3

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  7. Hi, everyone Please continue to prayer. A SPECIAL REQUEST OF PRAYER: Please pray for our friend, Niva Hillel, who is 40 years old with 4 children and recovering from Breast Cancer. Niva has asked us to remind all women to seek medical exams regularly to detect possible cancerous cells…”IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE”!! Thank you

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  8. Hi, everyone Please continue to prayer. A SPECIAL REQUEST OF PRAYER: Please pray for our friend, Niva Hillel, who is 40 years old with 4 children and recovering from Breast Cancer. Niva has asked us to remind all women to seek medical exams regularly to detect possible cancerous cells…”IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE”!! Thank you

    Miki card(7)-page-001


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