Sept 2015, Rosh Hashanah 5776: a new start, the Lord’s up to something

How can I be sure? The ‘gremlins’ have been playing up!  As sure as eggs are eggs, when there’s some sort of spiritual opposition we know we’re walking with the Lord and by His Spirit. It’s as though there’s a directly proportional resistance to His activity.

That is, when He’s about to do a new thing and make changes in our lives, opposition reacts and plays up – the more pronounced that is then we watch for the Lord doing something or moving in our lives. (See below.)

Fascinating that it’s happened to us last weekend (12/13th) and into this week. It’s the start of a new year according to the Hebraic calendar and is called ‘The Head of the Year’ (Rosh Hashanah), marking the beginning of the civil calendar for year 5776 and which starts the seventh month of their religious calendar. This, and other festivals, do not originate in the Jews themselves but in the Lord, for He ordained it as one of seven sacred feasts for His Hebraic people to observe.

Therefore, many Christians appreciate the significance of Rosh Hashanah and the next ten ‘Days of Awe’: it’s a call to ‘wake up!’, spend time in self-examination, reconciliation and repentance, in turning back to the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel.

Our own issues are just another shower of ‘jigsaw pieces’ from a grand design in the Lord’s plans, albeit detail of which entails awkward as well as enjoyable events.

In between at least four weeks of unusually cool, wet weather we took a short break in Boscombe, overlooking the Channel and Isle of Wight to the east. The week was ‘wall-to-wall’ warmth and sunshine – fantastic, thank you Lord.


We returned home looking forward to continuing in holiday mood over last weekend. But that was not to be. We found a freezer full of soggy food! Most disheartening for Nina as her energy and time spent preparing home-grown vegetables and baking desserts, making meals and selecting meats was nugatory – everything had to be binned.

Interesting to learn, however, upon re-ordering meat from a local farmer’s shop that they’d heard the same thing happened to three other customers. (Their gristle and fat-free cuts cost the same as but are much better than that of supermarkets.)

Then, we found the washing machine wouldn’t work after the first load finished!!

Next, Nina’s essential electrical transcutaneous pain-suppressing machine that eases the effects of her collapsed spine started to malfunction!!! That’s a most surprising story for telling another time…

That barrage of events kept ideas of blogging buried in the back of my brain. But I noted a comment from Australia about my testimony and recalled over that weekend it as the anniversary of a highly personal September to remember.

DSC_7353SO I reposted that account late last Monday, after having dismantled the washing machine to get at its printed circuit board and locate the four push-button array. I found each finger-tip size exterior button to have a Y-shaped plastic ‘spring’ enabling it to touch a tiny button on the pcb and return it into place.  After five years’ frequent usage the two top hinges to the start button’s Y-piece had snapped off, as shown.

It was time for another ‘witty invention’ like that for repairing this PC’s start button – it’s held in place with ‘blu-tac’!  So I took a small metal paper-clip, twisted it into a spring-shape and lodged it into the push button.  The machine works fine now 🙂

That Monday-Tuesday night torrential rain showers badly disturbed sleep – the noise twice wound up our cat for an hour or so as though she’d been spooked.

Even so, and despite having left September to take care of itself after my several blogs, it seems the Lord is definitely up to something, as heard by various prophetical folk. My intention was to check their various claims later against actual events.

Meanwhile in Scotland

Eventually, it was time to catch up with my email’s in-tray and I read and reposted the  latest ‘Lion Bite’, Turnaround Day. As I worked through the list I saw a notice of last weekend’s conference in Glasgow and enquired of David & Emma Stark about that ‘Bite’. I was told that, without recalling and thus independently of Rosh Hashana, she’d had a distinct sense of Tuesday 15th being a significant day. (In view of Emma’s association with Dr Sharon Stone I’ve witnessed her strong gifting.)

Therefore, in reposting that Lion Bite I included a brief note to the conference with  David’s tip about Johnny Enlow’s Facebook for fuller details. There, he gives a very detailed prophetical word that I comment upon in the next post.

4 thoughts on “Sept 2015, Rosh Hashanah 5776: a new start, the Lord’s up to something

  1. Hi Richard, It’s so good to see the Isle of Wight from Boscombe. I’m glad you had good weather that weekend. My friend of nearly 40 years lived at East Cowes, and we’ve visited each other twice. Sadly I lost her in 1997 because she was 30 years older than me. I met her through putting a letter in an apple crate as a child in 1970. I regard the IOW as my English ‘home’. I can see cliffs in the distance. Is it looking towards the Needles?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, I got the wrong year my friend died, it was 2007 not 1997. I love that photo you took. Do you know the coloured sands at Alum Bay just around from the Needles? I’ve got sand pictures on my walls that she sent me when I was a teenager.
        God bless, Jo


        • Thanks and we visited Alum Bay a couple of years ago. In fact, I’d considered using my photo of its stripes in those blogs but didn’t because they weren’t part of this year’s holidays. Also pertinent is a birthday card recv’d last week that shows The Needles. (It’s from those friends whose IoW house we stayed in; from where I took the photo looking beyond the 1st floor lounge’s balcony.)


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