Thank you readers for enabling new discoveries and ‘hubs’

Digital Globe with HandThank you, dear reader, for following my musings and contributing whenever you can. I especially want to thank Beverley in Kansas, USA and my friend and author Revd Bill of Wimborne in Dorset. Had it not been for both your remarks a fortnight ago I wouldn’t have found – and done – the new things announced below!

I apologise for causing some confusion in God-incidents validated…- 1. Thanks for letting me know because other readers may have found the same. It’s reminded me of the need for consistent clarity, as well as to restrict each post to only a couple of related topics. Moreover it motivated me to find solutions!

There were intangible things I was sensing about personal events I wanted to share. So I opened the post in question in a lyrical fashion to open the way. But my swinging from poetic notions to factual cycles could have clouded communication.

Before publishing posts I run off a hardcopy and return to old days of ‘steam-age’ typesetting and editing proofs. That one was done as and when possible over a week. Almost last minute, I inserted the Eric Hadik material but left out some insights. What I saw seemed ok but, as emails were failing that day and inputting on WP got slow and sticky (like now), then maybe proxy servers caused a problem? Nevertheless, that post was far too wordy and complicated.

Also I realised that, instead of occasionally repeating necessary explanations in a post, it’s much better for essential material to be centrally available for reference.

New Main Menu

Therefore, first I revised the main menu by merging ‘Do You Know Jesus’ with ‘God Heals Today’ into a new hub: ‘Jesus & Healing’.  To get the menu into an alphabetical sequence for the new-old concepts, I’ve re-titled my personal testimony as Rescued From Hell.

Additionally, I’m putting the basic reference material into new hubs ‘Cycles & Time’ and ‘God-incidents & Jigsaws’ in the menu, each with static pages and scripture. Whenever I cover these concepts in future they’ll be linked to an explanatory page.

SO watch out for the new menu…

First Discovery

interfrc-waves.jpgAlso, I took this opportunity to ‘flesh out’ my notion that time progresses like a cork-screw; ie. time does not go in a straight line!  So I’ve referred back to my school-day maths to give the easy way I was taught on how tides move. AND surprise, surprise – I found a most useful link to illustrate it, and which shows a spiral motion in time!!

By the way, I first posited the idea of a time spiral 25 months ago in a discussion over coffee asking, Is the ‘Petrus Romanus’ prophecy of God? (the St Malachy prophecy about the final Pope).

Second Discovery

Likewise, I’ve fleshed out previous remarks on cycles by further references to financial analyst Eric’s work. As that was over 3 years old, I checked his more recent material on another and later website AND…

I’m absolutely amazed to discover that Eric Hadik also describes time as a spiral. In the ‘Cycles Intro’ to this newer 40 Year Cycle website he writes,

What cycles ARE… is a measuring and projection of time assuming (as has been proven time & time again) that “history repeats itself”.  However, do not expect history to repeat itself in the same fashion, at the same place, and in the same degree, as it did originally.

If it did, it would indicate that all of life is simply revolving in a circle.   Instead, life (the markets, etc.) should be viewed as a spiral – constantly revolving in a circular pattern BUT never returning to exactly the same spot from which it came.  It is progressing – forward & upward – even as it revolves in a type of circuit.

The new hub will include quotations from and links to Eric’s work relevant to this blog, especially to do with global finance Crash Cycles. That link explains in detail the 40-year US Dollar cycle, which has now reached a critical phase. In fact, it seems to support Jonathan Cahn’s claims regarding this Shemitah Year.

April is always of special interest because it has what Eric calls a ‘Date of Infamy’, about which I blogged two years ago in America’s ‘Date of Infamy’ repeated – once again!

Turning of the Tide

Mid-week I attended a prayer meeting where a few intercessors from churches across the area were praying about the upcoming General Election. That day I’d been working on the new page on Time and writing about tides. In the middle of the evening’s prayers I was reminded about that topic and urged, “Pray that the tide turns”, which we did.

Later, I recalled having received reports of similar prophetic words that I haven’t yet been able to process but will do so soon. (Thank you SP)

So, I’m extremely grateful to Beverley Estes and to William Smith for their remarks..

Note: completion of menu revamp announced in Hare & Tortoise, Eternity and a Menu!.

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  • ‘Digital Globe with Hand’ courtesy of Watcharakun,
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