Bobby Conner: A season of advancement

In this brief video blog Bobby Conner covers some points taught and prophesied a few days earlier at Days of Wonder in Cardiff. There, I noted Paul Keith re-iterated what Nathan Morris had emphasised at length when in Plymouth, the need for believers to start contending for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Bobby refers to this too.

In opening, Bobby says

“I have never been more excited about the season we’re in. This is the season of advancement. We do not have to tarry back. We’re not waiting on God – He’s waiting on us!

“I tell you God wants to do a new thing and He says “It’s springing up now” and He says “It’s a hidden thing kept in reserve”, and God could not and would not release this hidden wisdom until He’s found a people who like and understand Him…It’s in 1st Corinthians 2:6-7.

“And so we need to tap into that hidden wisdom. It’s going to be a wisdom that shows us how to get into the presence of God.

“Boy, if we get into the presence of God, and the presence of gets into us…that’s what God’s after…”

Be thoroughly blessed as you hear what these men of God discuss, and do check out the scriptures Bobby refers to.

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