Prophetic decree from USA supernaturally confirmed in UK

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy

Do you know how the Holy Spirit works and unexpectedly touches people in different ways? It shows He’s very personal. And, depending upon individual sensitivity, some even get ‘blasted’!  For example, take last night shortly before 7pm.:

A pastor teaching on Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 speaks his mind – but my wife winces as she gets ‘electrified’ by an invisible bolt from 4,400 miles away!

JohnK 214_logoWe were sitting in our lounge watching the morning service live from Mobile, Alabama. Drawing towards a close in quoting prophet Ezekiel’s book, John Kilpatrick  expresses a personal opinion, but the effect of what is said demonstrates that it’s uttered under an unction of the Holy Spirit. John says,

“I want to say to America – and I have no platform really to say anything like this, this grandiose – but I want to say it in the atmosphere at Mobile bay.

“I want to say to America, and I want to say to Israel and to all their Arab neighbours, and I want to say to Great Britain – and all the nations – I want to say to you:

“You are about to see something come to pass in the very near future that your mind cannot even wrap around.

“It’s going to be so magnanimous, it’s going to be so awe-full, it’s going to be so awesome…and the nations and the kings and the politicians of the earth will not even know how to respond – their mouths will be open!

“It’s going to be a day LIKE NO OTHER DAY! – but when all is said and done God will reclaim Israel and God will pour out His grace and His mercy, even upon the United States of America!

“I believe the revival is going to come to the nations of the earth!”


The emboldened paragraphs indicate John’s emphasised phrases. These brought the distinctive ‘tell-tale’ reaction to a Holy Spirit anointed speech within Nina of her groaning as she winces from a sudden burst of intense, internal ‘fire’.

In other words and in my humble opinion: 

Revd. John Kilpatrick has issued a prophetic decree from the Lord God to every world leader.

Hear it at 2:24:45 of this this video, wherein John begins his message at 1:11:00.

May you be mightily blessed in reading, hearing and weighing these words.

PS. Read next post about what was already happening in this regard for Israel.

[For information please see Principles of Decrees in Mentoring Day Part 2.]


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