‘Outside the box’ and at the ‘cutting edge’!

Cream TeaCream tea – so scrumptious and yummy I wish we could all gather around and grin as we share it and catch up with what happened Wednesday. First thing, I went for morning coffee with a friend from our prayer ministry days. We had not had chance to meet until now.

Before meeting ‘Alan’ however, a local mutual friend, ‘Brenda’, had contacted me with  reservations over Tuesday’s post in view of her work with those suffering depression, as well as dementia. Quite rightly, her objection was that the writer’s list mixed up the sin itself, (eg. selfish or violent behaviour, idolatry and rebellion) with the result of that sin (eg. depression, fearfulness etc).  Consequently, the message lost its impact and was tactless as the latter results can also arise from medical causes and conditions. Hence, my withdrawal of that reposting.

In view of this, it was fascinating how Wednesday morning and afternoon unfolded! With Alan, we discussed how we’d become Christians and, after having seen Nina bring a resurrection message at Brenda’s breakfast group last week, it was hard for him to think of her as having been registered permanently disabled!  (Read her account here.)

But I was more amazed to learn what had happened to Alan many years ago when a virus affected his brain stem.  It caused significant cerebral and neural damage that has left some minor tell-tale signs.  Although one would hope for, even expect, the Lord to heal fully, my friend can testify to how often Jesus has over-ridden those handicaps on occasions. (Likewise with Nina, twice whilst confined to a wheelchair and when praying for the sick whilst in the high dependency unit!)  For Alan, it meant he’s usually unable to take the lead role in ministry, except for the times when the Lord ‘overshadowed’ and directed him. Also, he alluded to times when the condition brings an understanding beyond the ‘mental frame’ of one’s brainbox!

As we and our wives are trained in the nuances of prayer ministry, we recognise it can, however, limit us to working within a prescribed discipline or procedure. And, of course, our own medical situations enable us to empathise and minister to those who are facing situations we’ve overcome or been brought through by the Lord. All this suggests a rich, fruitful field for further discussions.

Then in the afternoon’s house group meeting, Nina asked about our minister’s previous reference to healing one’s DNA. Lindi explained this as a personal revelation from Holy Spirit that enables us to perceive the DNA’s coding and how it’s been affected by our personal and generational history: ie. our inherited physical and spiritual well-being. As this is intimately connected to our individual creation then it also needs to be brought to our heavenly Father to be dealt with before His throne: to which Christians have right of access through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Our minister gave an example of how this unusual methodology can work in practice.

Hopefully, both person’s accounts are an indication of ‘cutting edge’ insights coming to the wider church that may eventually help those suffering under the medical effects of issues. As Brenda maintains, it’s essential to keep Jesus Christ in the centre and our eyes on Him because such ministry and healing come under His authority and power.

2 thoughts on “‘Outside the box’ and at the ‘cutting edge’!

  1. Isn’t God good!!!

    Lindi mentioned today about the DNA of two people living together, and how it can change to be the same. We were quiet when she said that, trying to sort that out in our heads! The conversation went one to something else and I could not pursue that any further with Lindi, but it reminded me of the Bishop of London’s address at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. (his address was excellent – I’m sure you would have heard it but if you haven’t you can pick up the full text on http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/apr/17/bishop-address-thatcher-funeral-text).

    He said: In faithful relationships, when two people live together, they grow around one another and the one becomes a part of the other. We are given the freedom to be ourselves and, as human beings, to be drawn freely into an ever closer relationship with the divine nature. Everything which has turned to love in our lives will be stored up in the memory of God.

    I liked the thought of living with Holy Spirit and for us to grow around one another to become a part of Him!

    Glad you spent time with ‘A’ – he is a lovely man, and your friendship will be a great blessing to him.

    God bless you Richard.



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