Points to ponder: 2011-2012 and Biblical historical/financial cycles

A few ‘snapshots’ and an extraordinary financial analyst’s uncanny predictions point into this new year.

If the ‘holistic’ appeals to you then you may appreciate both the spiritual/supernatural and the analytical/natural aspects of this posting – I like to indulge my scientific bent now and then!  So let me ‘tee-off’ using that ‘iron’ first:

Watcher in The White House

BillKoenig_hdrIn his weekly updates of March to May 2010, accredited White House correspondent William Koenig reported in depth upon the work of leading financial markets technical analyst Eric Hadik. After four years of having closely followed Hadik’s application of theories of cycles to natural and human events, William wrote that he “found his calculations extremely accurate”.  (For more on Eric Hadik see Inside Track.)

A lot of Hadik’s understanding comes from WD Gann’s work on market cycle theories based upon his discoveries in the Bible (!!), and which could be applied to mathematical and geometrical principles!  A great deal is related to sunspot activity. In 2006 scientists were estimating the next cycle would be 30-50% more powerful, peaking in 2012 (see link). Thus, Hadik makes very reliable ‘cycle predictions’ no matter whether they be of geological (as earthquakes and volcanoes), scientific (including nuclear), financial markets, political, diplomatic or military matters!

sine-wave_thumb.jpg[Aside: From my grounding in physical sciences I know all forms of harmonic motion can be described not only in static and moving images but also mathematically.  For example, ‘simple harmonic motion’ of a circle can be drawn on a graph mapping position x time as a basic

What amazes me is the fact that waves in water are not formed by water molecules travelling horizontally like a car down a road.  The molecules remain more or less in place about the centre of their up and down bobbing motion, eg. as at the surface.  I was taught that the wave is actually a force travelling through the body, like when a held rope is shaken and a wave travels along it.  The way waves in water interact as they converge and thus reinforce/cancel one another, makes water’s surface so attractive.]

Hadik’s Predictions:

Koenig’s 2010 reports are fascinating and compelling.  Historical records were used in supporting Hadik’s claim that,

“There are dozens of cycles that initially culminate in 2011-13 and then again in 2017-2018’, but the initial phase was in late 2007 to late 2008, when global events began to set the stage for a major ‘battle for Jerusalem’ (whether that be a diplomatic or a military one) in 2011“. (RB emphasis, source Koenig’s Eye View, March 19, 2010)

Hadik shows how major Christian, Jewish and Islamic cycles coincided last year!

So I have just finished checking those and many other claims for 2011 and found most to be correct, especially over Egypt, the Middle East, and the issue of Jerusalem. Readers who’ve followed last year’s events will be well aware of those developments. But in fact, Hadik had arrived at his conclusions upon the international communities’ attempts to force Israel to make huge concessions over Jerusalem and the West Bank in 2005 as the culmination of over ten years analysis (Focus 5768).

Hence, William Koenig could state in his mid-December 2011 news alert:

“There have never been so many biblically significant events in play at the same time, and the developments have been breath-taking in both speed and magnitude.

“In my final Koenig’s Eye View from the White House in December 2010, I wrote that 2011 would be like no other year that we have experienced, and that has certainly proven to be true. We have had numerous weeks that have had a year’s worth of news packed into one week.

As 2011 closes, many potential events are coming into alignment that will make 2012 an even more remarkable and pivotal year….” (my emphasis)

NB: back in December 2009 Hadik predicted:


“…there are Middle East and/or global war cycles that do converge in 2012…including the 11 year cycle of Middle East conflict…(my emphasis)

“It has timed conflicts in 1945, 1956, 1967, 1979, 1990 & 2001 (and actually goes back to the Palestine Mandate of 1922 and Hitler’s ascension in 1933). The next phase is in 2012.

“This also comes during the next phase of a 50/100 cycle of war (for USA)…The next phase is in 2012.” (Source Earth in Transition 3+3II p 5)

Today, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states are on war alert waiting for USA to stand up to Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz and block oil tankers from the Persian Gulf.

Continued in Points to Ponder: Update 1 >>>

UPDATE:  See Cycles & the Bible for links to Hadik’s latest pages (June 2015).

By the way – Hampshire, 2011

2011 – a year in which three Christian men living within 25 miles of one another were so concerned about current events that, independently, they felt led to express their concerns.

From his coastal town, JP started blogging on what the scriptures have to say about events today. Yours truly also extended privately circulated emails into a public blog.  Also, NM convened classes on the End-Times over two terms in his church in England’s ancient capital, Winchester, thereby attracting several dozen attendees.  Additionally, a Baptist pastor in the county’s north-eastern corner is revisiting his understanding of eschatology.

As all that’s happening in rural eastern Hampshire, then how much more is taking place similarly in the major conurbations?

Is an increasing number of Christians in Britain waking up to the fact that…

He’s On His Way

On 23rd December we were very moved upon my opening the large broadsheet Daily Telegraph at its Market Reports page:


Such an interesting place to put this announcement – right in the middle of stocks and shares prices.  But why shouldn’t Jesus be central there too?   Yet the really strange thing is that we each saw the advert’s image as an hourglass, suggestive of the Lord’s return!

Later, friends were also deeply affected and recognised its prophetic aspect. Our wives both sensed the Holy Spirit fire up within them!  AND, L said only a few weeks earlier she’d been walking in town when the Lord burst into her thoughts to say that he’s getting ready to return soon!

Also, in his December letter Mike Evans writes that whilst walking and praying near where Jesus will come when he returns (Mount of Olives in Jerusalem) he was,

 “…struck with a new sense of urgency that His coming is to be very soon”.

Not that anyone’s thinking ‘the end is nigh’, but the indications are that heavenly preparations are most definitely in hand – so stay alert!

Let’s keep looking up…

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