‘Test’ results of the recent prophetic word

3rd of 4 pre-blog emails – click here for previous and here for the prophecy.: 
Dear Friends,

Further to the word recv’d by Lance Lambert on 18th April, do you know some of the prophesied events are already unfolding as though to prove it true?

His following paras refer:
opening para – collapse of Greek economy and its very possible default on loans; Portuguese and Spanish credit rating deteriorating.
penultimate – USA’s increasing rejection of Christian ethics as now evident by its military’s increasing alignment with the Adminstration’s hard-left ideology and submission to islamist agenda. Three sources report in detail upon:
1. an army strategy document against Christian millennial belief (and displaying an anti-Israel stance) as reported and updated upon in John nMcTernan’s Insights Wed 28th posting (quotes 1st scripture Lord ever gave me direct – re. the New Agers I’d followed!).
2. Pentagon action against Billy Graham’s evangelist son Franklin
3. muslim activists’ barring Franklin’s attendance at National Day of Prayer
I’m saddened to watch that nation’s demise as its president spurns the faith of its founding fathers and encourages unrighteousness. It could lead to disintegration of the Union as Our Father’s hand of blessing and protection is withdrawn, and the USA may not only lose its superpower status but also run the risk of becoming a ‘goat nation’.
Most interesting times…

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