The Return of The King – part 2

Richard Barker:

This excellent part 2 continues this blog’s theme on The Lion of Judah, as in part 1 and subsequent post, Vision of a Lion.

Originally posted on The Kingdom:

Lion of Judah 1Jesus has a dual aspect to his character.  He’s the Lion of Judah and the Lamb Of God.  So far, the world has only met the Lamb.  Are we ready for the Lion? 

The Lion speaks of triumph and the Lamb speaks of sacrifice.

Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”
Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders.”
Revelation 5:5-6

His capital city is going to be Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is mentioned 669 times in the Bible.  It is not mentioned in the Koran at all.

Jerusalem was the capital of Judah, whose emblem is a lion.  Jacob’s prophecy over…

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If Scotland votes ‘Yes’ all of us will have a part wrenched out that will never be replaced

Richard Barker:

Christians need to be carefully prayerful on this major issue and get back to first base > are Scottish nationalist leaders personally blessed by God, or the opposite? Whichever is the case it will rub off on our fellow Brits beyond the border. Alex Salmond is not only  in favour of boycotting Israel but his party also funded a Scottish affiliate to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, per The Centre Left!  According to Genesis 12:3 that doesn’t bode at all well for Scotland. Just look what happened to the UK in 1967 within 6 months of the Wilson government preventing arms being shipped to Israel for its survival against armies amassed on all borders – Devaluation of the Pound! SO I suggest being very, very wary on this voting and that we stay together as a United Britain.

Originally posted on God and Politics in the UK:

Scottish FlagI am Cornish and am proud of this fact. If you ask me whether I see myself as English or British, I would agree to both putting English as that which I identify most strongly. But above both of those I would describe myself as Cornish. I may not live there anymore but each time I return it feels like I am coming home. Driving down narrow winding Cornish roads through villages with distinctive Cornish names is a unique experience in itself. The scenery is beautiful and you are never too far away from the sea. It would seem that everything Cornish has a distinct identity. The cars display the badge of St Piran and all of the best food is grown and produced locally. It is a part of the world like no other.

What is it that makes most of us attach ourselves emotionally so closely to a…

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Prophetic points to ponder on 9/11

It was about this time of day, around lunchtime here in England, 13 years ago when a consultant at the office where I worked gasped at what she saw on her pc monitor – the first video footage of the horror that had happened about an hour ago in New York. An aircraft ploughing into one of the twin towers in New York. If I remember correctly, it was soon followed by live news feed of the second adjacent atrocity. You know the rest in that day of world-changing infamy.

Rabbi Jonathan CahnMy readers may have read Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s  novel The Harbinger. I trust those who are unfamiliar with it will bear with me in not summarising it. There is, however, a need to be aware of some inaccuracies as far as scripture’s concerned, as advised in a couple of ‘discerning’ reviews here and here.

The reason I’m referring to it is to convey interesting points he made a few weeks ago within a slice of God TV programmes I recorded.

I’d missed the beginning of The Harbinger Continued but it caught my attention because friends we’d seen on holiday had recommended the book. Rabbi Cahn spoke about the replacement to the Twin Towers in connection with Isaiah 9:10 judgement. The new one is to be higher and stronger than before and to show the world, as an embodiment of America, that it stands defiant. The new tower became controversial and its completion got delayed until after Cahn’s book was published. (For photos see NY Daily News.)

It was fascinating to learn about the background to this book, and a lot of confirmatory material and the way it turned up.

In The Harbinger a date is given to the ‘mystery’ of Ground Zero – April 30th. In fact, it’s the day the tower broke the height ‘barrier’. That mystery, claims Cahn, continues and is linked to various American issues he names. Furthermore, he later realised the Isa 9:10 passage, or ‘Harbinger Scripture’ was linked to Genesis 11’s Tower of Babel.

After his book was out he learned that a photographer had found a Bible buried in the rubble of Ground Zero. Blown apart and charred with only one page showing, the man took a photo before being whisked out of danger. Later, upon looking at the picture he broke down weeping, for this is what he read that was buried in those remains:

‘Come let us build for ourselves a tower.’

Then 7 months after publication something came out in the news causing people who’d read the book to gasp, including himself Cahn claims. And he says he didn’t believe it, “No that’s too much, too much!”.  He describes what he’d seen on TV reports:

“President Obama, the leader of America – remember leaders are important in this ‘mystery of national judgement’ – he goes down to Ground Zero. He is shown the tower – the last of ‘The Harbinger’ is going up.

“They present him with a beam from the tower that’s going to be the highest beam on the tower. The final beam that’s going to crown all the nine ‘harbingers’. It will mark the highest elevation of ‘the harbinger’. And that beam is significant, as the tower’s all about the height – and this was to be the crown of it all, of the vow: ‘we will rebuild’.

“(Obama) came there to write words on the beam of the tower to crown the tower. He can write anything he wants. What he writes in modern American prose is the ancient ‘vow of destruction’ of Isaiah 9:10…on the crowning beam as the highest words in America…The president writes…

‘We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger’.

“It repeats the ancient defiant vow that ascends to heaven that led to ancient Israel’s destruction.

“AND although not written in future tense as the Hebrew was, and as in his first major speech to Congress, but done in the present tense, America is doing it…(explains Hebrew)

“And Obama adds two extra words at the start, which makes it the same length of eight words in the Hebrew – yet in both the fourth word is ‘rebuild’, all done in the president’s ignorance of scripture!

“So now the words are on ‘The Tower of America’.”

Daily Bible Readings

Particular points I wish to ponder lie in what he said about the date itself, which are not  in the book. Jonathan Cahn calls it ‘the third manifestation’ and he had no idea at all about it when writing the book.

He mentions that God used various supernatural ways of getting his and warnings to Israel’s leaders. Apparently the origin of Cahn’s was in a stranger’s prophetic word, “The Word goes forth”. Now he asks,

“Is it possible that God was actually sending this word, that it would fall upon the nation (as at the start of in Isaiah 9)?

“Is it possible that God was sending this word and this connection between Isaiah 9:10 and September 11th, to fall upon America in a massive way that had nothing to do with The Harbinger – even taking place before it became a book?

“Is it possible that He wanted this connection to go forth on a massive scale?

He goes on to refer to the popular One-year Bible, which is available in every version of the Bible.

“For every day there is an appointed scripture so that in one year you’ll read through the whole Bible. If you go to the One-Year Bible – any version – open up to the scripture of ‘the harbingers'; Isaiah 9:10 – the scripture that identifies the beginning strike of judgement upon a nation – you will look and you will see a date above that scripture.

The date above Isaiah 9:10 is September 11th – in every One-Year Bible – for every year!

The Bible itself is marking the beginning of national judgement as September 11th!

“It’s identifying the attack as September 11th!”

Now consider what a Greek lady who acted as amanuensis, or scribe, to Jesus wrote in 1991 – like Apostle John had been in writing to seven churches in Revelation 2&3.

Forewarning of Sept 11th 1991

On that date 10 years to the day before the Twin Towers attack in New York, Vassula Ryden was with the Lord. She records in The Foundations of the Earth Will Rock:

Jesus suddenly changed tone and, after waiting a few seconds, with a tone very grave that left me in awe said:

“…the earth will shiver and shake – and every evil built into Towers 2 will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! above, the Heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock!”

This profound, prophetic word closes with Jesus’ call to

“…repent and ask the Father to relent; soon, very soon now, the Heavens will open and I shall make you see,”

Signed, “The Judge”.

Please note that, following the New York attack, Vassula adds,

“I want people to be careful how they interpret this message. Interpreting prophecy is not easy, unless it is given through the light of the Holy Spirit. This apocalyptic message should be interpreted in the following way:…” (as in the letter’s footnote 2). 

May the Holy Spirit be with you in this…

PS: Thank you Tony for reminding me of your dream about The Freedom Tower with its many comments. The tower is now known as 1 World Trade Centre.

An Invitation from Nathan Morris

Richard Barker:

An opportunity to hear a mightily anointed evangelist whose name frequently appears in this blog.

Originally posted on JARROD COOPER:


Seat bookings for our event 17-18 October 2014 at Doncaster Dome are increasing as we prepare for a historic revival gathering, seeking God for a breakthrough in our nation.

Nathan Morris, main speaker at the evening revival services, has recorded a video message sharing his heart for the event. VIEW THE VIDEO HERE.

BOOKING DETAILS for the event are HERE. Why not plan to bring friends, your congregation, a bus load?! We believe it will a remarkable time!

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The Petrodollar’s Creator: Iran Greater Threat Than ISIS

Richard Barker:

An interesting follow-up to my concluding remarks in Middle-East events and fulfilment of Bible prophecy about major upheavals upon the global petro-economy.

Originally posted on The Four Signposts:

This news story appeared in the last couple days. While pondering it, a reader emailed me about it. Having a reader tell me about this seemed to confirm its significance in my mind.  It seems old Henry Kissinger is back in the news.

Back in 1971, Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State under President Nixon. I’ve written both in my book, Daniel Revisited, and in various posts like this one, that the one thing that will make Iran’s invasion and the Second Signpost very hard for life here in the United States is the ending of the Petrodollar. If the Petrodollar were to end, it would drastically change the economy and living conditions here in this country.

It seems they don’t make American Secretaries of State as intelligent and shrewd as Mr. Kissinger any more. Not only did he navigate the dangerous waters of dealing with Soviet…

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Prophetic Voice TV – now launched

As regular readers will know, I’ve been blessed over many years with attending Rev Dr Sharon Stone’s training and mentoring days, so I can highly recommend this online media facility.

Registration is necessary for watching Prophetic Voice TV. This is straightforward and applicants are required to select facilities required according to payment. Just click on image below.

Free viewing is available for weekly teaching and an informal ‘chat’ from Sharon plus a guest teacher’s message. Training modules in the prophetic and supernatural are pay-per-view, and a 12 month season pass includes conferences and mentoring days.

I’m especially pleased to learn that Bishop Knox and his wife Delia have been long-time personal friends of Sharon, and that the supernatural training module includes Delia’s spectacular healing in 2010 at The Bay Revival (as reviewed here – see also this blog’s Video clips of healing testimonies).

PVTV launched now

Vision of a lion – the four faces of God

Lion of Judah roars

To continue Paws 4 Thought on Ffald-y-Brenin about the frightening vision of a lion and as promised at the close of ‘Nuggets’.:

To recap briefly, let me set the scene…


In his blogspot of 2011 David Pike writes about the 1,500 year Christian history of the mountain upon a shoulder of which Ffald-y-Brenin nestles.:

Carn Ingli credit DE Pike“I find it very interesting that the place God chose as the location for the centre is on the side of Carn Ingli – the Hill of the Angels. It was so named because it was where 6th century Celtic saint Brynach who came from Ireland and settled in this area used regularly to ascend the mountain and spend time there communing with God. The people of the local community he served were clearly aware that his times of fellowship with God were special and supernatural times, and so the place got its name.”

Roy and Daphne [the centre's managers] are aware of this connection, and draw inspiration from the way the Celtic saints served their communities out of a deep and personal communion with God in which a regular rhythm of prayer is a key feature.

Chapel credit Ffald-y-Brenin

“In the meanwhile, the level of Holy Spirit activity at Ffald-y-Brenin has increased in the last months, especially after a pastor from Africa visited the centre to come and pray for God’s blessing on his nation. After some time alone in the chapel, he came to see Roy, looking somewhat startled and wide-eyed. He wanted to know for how long there had been a lion in the chapel.  Continue reading

Paws 4 thought: on revival and ‘down under’

NZ credit Taesmileland

A country at the far side of the world has quietly made its presence known whilst I blogged about our regenerating trip to Wales.

In Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride… I included remarks by Justin Abraham,

“Just back from a ballistic incredible time in OZ and NZ. Things are heating up! We are seeing early signs of the great turning of the tide everywhere.”

Events organised by Justin in Cardiff and by our church outside Guildford both featured New Zealander Ian Clayton.

Then, after finishing my last post on Wales by hinting at a connection between FFald-y-Brenin and ‘Days of Wonder’, a highly pertinent item pops into my mail – The Return of The King! Why pertinent? It refers in-depth to the Lion of Judah!

And where’s that come from? New Zealand.

Are these facts and their timing just coincidental? Has my talent for noticing possible connections made an unwarranted supposition? Or maybe, just maybe, there may be some truth in my surmising:

could New Zealand be the Land of ‘New Zeal‘ ?

It so happens that the above was drafted before going offline for long weekend. Now this morning, the lady who blogged about the roller-coaster writes these fascinating thoughts:

I think the ‘close at hand’ is even closer at hand now. This last month things have been shifting and being set up for an outpouring in several areas. It’s not just one. I see a field planted with several different vegetables. They may not all be harvested at the exact same time but I see growth in various stages. Many areas coming to fruition in succession.

Thank you my brothers and sisters, may you be mightily blessed.

[Image of New Zealand map on flag by Taesmileland, courtesy of]

Wall St considers Biblical basis of economic crashes

Soon after launching this blog I referred to the Biblical basis of economic cycles, as examined by accredited White House journalist William Koenig (see Points to ponder: 2011-2012).

Now, according to Discerning the Times, it’s reported in Washington that Wall Street analysts have pondered the mystery of what appears to be seven-year economic cycles. They’ve also wondered why crashes seem to come in September.

Jonathan Cahn, author of the mega-bestselling book “The Harbinger,” thinks he has figured it out.

For full story read Holy Shemitah Bible cycle unlocks US future.

NATO in Wales and call to prophetic intercessors

Richard Barker:

Oh my! Yet another connected reference to theme of The King’s return. Bless you Justin…

Originally posted on Company of Burning Hearts:

NATOWe are thrilled that after six years of engaging the Governmental mountain in the Kingdom realm of the Father, NATO are right now in WALES. It is the largest gathering of world leaders, the UK has ever hosted. They are right on our doorstep at the East Gate. Cardiff and Newport is abuzz with Police and Security people. Obama and Cameron are a few miles away. 

The Nations have come to WALES. The ‘Kings’ have come to our rising (small though it yet may be). They have come here needing clarity and strength. One NEWS paper asked does Wales still breathe fire? Because the Paper said – the Leaders really need it right now. It is not a time to be faint hearted. 

Our national Angels are called PASSION, FIRE and GLORY according to Ian Clayton. We need them more than ever right now. We need the virtue and enablement they bring. This…

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The Return of The King – part 1

Richard Barker:

So timely, it must surely be of the King! A week ago today I closed the week’s blogging with a promise at the end of ‘Nuggets…’ to write about a connection with a lion vision. The next time I went on-line this excellent post was waiting in my in-tray as a fitting intro’. Be mightily blessed…

Originally posted on The Kingdom:

AragornIn my story the Kingdom, I have imagined the King to be like Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings.  Aragorn is a King but to the Hobbits he is a ranger called Strider, their guide and protector.  If you watched the Return of the King, you saw Strider become who he was born to be; the King of Gondor.

The story reminds me of our own world.  Right now, we’ve got our own nightmare version of Mordor with the eye of Sauron (Horus) glaring at us and enemies pouring out the gates, bent on conquest.

The Church has been holding back the darkness for 2,000 years, but the lights are going out in places.  The tiny nation of Israel is holding the Jihadists back in the Middle East.  They are God’s chosen people and an outpost of freedom, but Christians are persecuted elsewhere.

As I write this ancient churches…

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Canon Andrew White: Here our people have nothing, yet the presence of Jesus is so real

Richard Barker:

Hearing Canon Andrew speak in Plymouth about Iraq was heart-rending yet heartening when he told how the people’s deep love for Yeshua brings His Glory and intimacy, and how it enables them to live through exceptionally intense suffering. Political blogger Gillan brings his own spiritual insights in trying to grapple with genocide. He expresses surprise over things hotting up during the ‘silly season’ of August – but that’s exactly what many have been prophesying for years, especially in recent months (eg. June This acceleration in biblically related events was noticed in 2011 and watching its increase was the reason for starting this blog.

Originally posted on God and Politics in the UK:

Andrew WhiteJust before the end of July I was talking to a friend about my month off from blogging in August. Having mentioned that there is usually little news worth talking about over the summer, he made the comment that I’d probably find that all manner of things would kick off for once. He wasn’t wrong.

The last few weeks have been challenging faith-wise. When you see and hear about such extreme depravities that humans are capable of, it’s hard to work out where God is in all of this. At times it has felt like the world is imploding on itself as the dehumanisation and hatred for others repeatedly leads to the slaughter of innocents and humanitarian crises on an unimaginable scale. The thirst for power and control has been terrifyingly demonstrated, whether it be through blind and twisted religious dogma or nationalistic bitter envy. Even in our own ordered country that is proud of…

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The Harvest Is Ready

Richard Barker:

Published on 24th this is highly appropriate for what the Lord is presently doing, as in a Birmingham (UK) pastor’s message a fortnight earlier ‘Its Harvest Time’ and this week ‘The Wind is Blowing’. As a reader comments in the post on Arthur Burt, “This is all coming together”! [My comment in the thread below is of a related dream. Last year I saw a huge ripe, golden field beyond the church’s worship band.]

Originally posted on My Dreams and Visions:

As I was eating my breakfast this morning the Lord showed me a vision. In the vision I saw the Lord handing out Sickles for harvesting wheat because the fields were ripe


In the vision I saw some take the sickle from the Lord’s hands and proceed into His wheat field while others were purposely avoiding Him and continued doing their own thing. One individual that stood out to me had a cell phone and he had earphones in his ears. He walked right by the Lord and didn’t even raise his head or acknowledge the Lord’s presence.
I believe with all my heart that time is short and we must make the most of every single opportunity presented to us. Remember the Lord’s word to His disciples.

John 4:35-38 NIV

Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look…

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Thank you, an apology and questions on ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

Thank you to Lynne for notifying me about Arthur Burt, and to Tony for asking about him.

To you dear subscriber, and more importantly, I’d ask you to please accept my apology for not having included in the previous post the date of Arthur’s departure to be with the Lord. I’m sorry for any confusion you may have been caused over its omission.

Normally I’m off-line Friday-Sundays save for running off news reports and scanning for urgent email. One brought this news but there was no time to do anything other than to feature earlier posts on the Home Page and include an announcement plus photo. (Any other posts appearing on a Friday/Saturday have been pre-scheduled for automatic publication.) However, I didn’t realise a regular email advice isn’t issued for such re-publishing. Therefore, in blogging yesterday’s post about Arthur I assumed that readers would already see the news on the Home Page.

So I’ve updated that post and expanded upon what Mary brought, as well as added a map. Now we need to check out whether or not the words Arthur carried for nearly 80 years are of the Lord.

Questions on the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy

As with all prophetic words, this one too – along with Bob Jones’ word – needs to be held in a ‘pending’ tray to wait and see if it will be fulfilled, thereby indicating it was brought through a true prophet. That is, they need to be held loosely, for interpretation is the Lord’s.

Therefore it needs to be weighed against scripture as well as checking with the Holy Spirit. Also, does it accord with the Lord’s character and purposes; was it delivered through an accredited prophetic voice?

I humbly submit a few comments on this:

1. Arthur’s account of the reception of the words is an extensive, essential epistle and tells his personal story. In view of the recent teaching about which I blogged here about the Beginning and holy darkness, it’s interesting to read his Prologue’s opening pages.

Therein, he recounts the night the prophetic word came > “And it shall come like…and there shall be no ebb”.  It marked the beginning of the days in which he would look for its fulfillment when, “the earth shall be covered with His Glory”, as in Psalm 72:19.

Clearly, Arthur longed to see such a day when Revival would not just come and slowly dissipate but stay as a full visitation of God’s Glory. He recounts the many times, and especially in modern days, when such wonderful moves and manifestations have ebbed away and become just another denomination, or way of ‘doing church’!

But this prophetic word brought promise of such a long-lasting powerful revival which would not ebb away. It is very likely the same one Smith Wigglesworth and his prayer partner Norman James each saw in a vision – see blog’s Library under 1947 & 1995.

2. Bob Jones’ account of having heard from God about encouraging a man overseas needs some scrutiny in view of its anecdotal rather than recorded nature, especially in view of the time-lapse. Bob’s friend, Rev Steve Scroggs, writes in The Awakening of the Lord’s End of Days’ plan to bring a billion youth into the Kingdom. He says both Bob and Arthur had revelatory insights into His plan and notes Bob’s remarks,

‘I did not know this word, or Arthur, when Bob Jones told me his part of the story. One morning in the late 1980′s, when Bob was praying and talking to God, the Lord told Bob that he wanted him to encourage one of his men in Great Britain. The Lord said, “In the year you were born I gave him a word, and he has not seen this word fulfilled. Tell him that he will see this word come to pass before he dies.” 

Now there’s a question over this dating because Bob was born in 1930, Arthur’s book has 1934 and his daughter Mary thinks it may have been as late as 1937.

Another way of looking at this, however, is that the Lord planted this word as a seed into Arthur’s spirit in 1930 but it needed nurturing and watering. Then, when delivered by another man it had an immediate impact upon Arthur because it was already in him, albeit dormant, and so it came into full bloom; or, as Mary comments in this blog,

“…it so moved him that dad grabbed hold of it. He has kept it alive all these years.”

The other question over dates is when Bob was told about Arthur because Steve’s later remarks about Kathie Walters contacting Bob on his date disagree with hers. She refers not to 1980’s but about 2009-11, as may be inferred from her account:

‘Several years ago I was in Wales. I was doing an Elijah List conference. After the conference I went to North Wales, to visit an old friend, Arthur Burt. Arthur has been in the ministry for about 85 years. He was part of a tremendous revival years ago around the 1930′s.

‘When I came back to the U.S. I called Bob Jones to see if he had any word for Wales. He said, “No, but I have a word for an old man in Wales and you were just in his house.”

“That must be Arthur Burt,” I said, as that was the only older man whose house I had been in. Bob didn’t know who Arthur Burt was at that time. “What’s the word?” I asked.

“Tell him, he will see the word,” Bob said.

“He will see what word?” I asked.

“Bob said ” I don’t know, you will have to ask him what word he received. He received it years ago. It was given to a group of people and they are all dead now except for him. But tell him he will see it”.’

Despite lack of clarity over when Bob heard from the Lord, the message details remain consistent. Furthermore, we know from many accounts of Bob Jones from close friends such as Bobby Conner and Paul Keith Davis, he operated in an exceptionally accurate gift of knowledge, as indicated in the above excerpt from Kathie’s account (in full here).

3. So if that reminder was from the Lord, what was it that He would be showing Arthur? “Tell him he will see it!”.  Does that mean all the prophecy or part of it? That prophecy describes something happening in sequence:

“It shall come as a breath…
And the breath shall bring the wind…
And the wind shall bring the rain.
And there shall be floods and floods and floods…
And torrents and torrents and torrents.
Souls shall be saved like falling leaves
from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.
Arms and legs shall come down from heaven…
..And there shall be no ebb.”

From late 2013 and into early 2014 the UK experienced unprecedented weeks of wild wind, heavy rains, massive flooding and an earthquake!  So Arthur lived to see the first part of the prophetic word. The promise brought through Bob Jones therefore proved true.

Therefore, the original word’s own promise of an abundance of souls coming into God’s Kingdom may be just around the corner – or more likely, over the horizon!

Perhaps it may be like a spiritual tsunami sweeping right around the globe from where an immense number of salvations are increasing (China). Its initial ‘up-swelling’ is being felt by those who are awakening to what God is doing in this new season.  For example, recall Justin Abraham’s remarks in Prophecy of a roller-coaster ride – Get Ready! 

“Just back from a ballistic incredible time in OZ and NZ. Things are heating up! We are seeing early signs of the great turning of the tide everywhere…

“It’s already started and isn’t it amazing we get to see days of fulfilment and breakthrough that previous generations imagined. A brand new day. Strap yourselves in for an exciting ride!”

In this connection, Paul Keith mentioned that the open spiritual atmosphere he senses in Wales and UK is like that over Canada, but it is not so for the United States.

Now, could this be because both lands’ Prime Ministers are not anti-Semitic and anti-Israel and so the Lord’s hand of blessing is upon our nations? I’m sure it is!

Methinks Habbakuk 2 verses 1 and 13-14 seem right for what’s happening:

I will stand at my watch
    and station myself on the ramparts;
I will look to see what he will say to me,
    and what answer I am to give to this complaint.

13 Has not the Lord Almighty determined
    that the people’s labour is only fuel for the fire,
    that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?
14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord  as the waters cover the sea.


Who is Arthur Burt?

homepic1Please note, I write not ‘was’ but ‘is’, for Arthur has joined ‘the cloud of witnesses’ in heaven eager for the fulfilment of the Lord’s purposes on earth. He went ‘home’ to the Lord last Thursday 28th August aged 102 years.

In tribute to him I reproduce below the text of what Santos Garcia hopefully dubbed as, “The greatest move of God the earth has (sic) seen”. Continue reading

United Kingdom – Father’s heart is for unity

Richard Barker:

Company of Burning Hearts has blogged very important points to ponder and pray for the future of the UK. Thank you Justin…

Originally posted on Company of Burning Hearts:


On the 18th of this month, the people living in Scotland will decide whether or not their future is with the UK. They will decide whether to go it alone, or continue with us. 

I know everyone is free to think differently on this. I don’t want to presume to be an expert on any of this. I know there are many reasons people want to break up the UK. I just want to share what I feel the Lord has shown me. You are free to agree or disagree. I just want to talk…

I was praying for Europe a number of years ago, and I went into a visionary experience where I was shown different nations in Europe and some of their destinies. I was shown alliances and callings. 

I was shown France, Poland, Germany and the UK specifically.

France I saw the angel of France. She was beautiful and looked…

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Nuggets from ‘Days of Wonder’, Wales

Further to my recent post on the meeting in Cardiff, here’s a little more from Paul Keith Davis’ opening minutes:

PK Davis_credit z3news“I’m of the belief – and I know you are as well – that we will not accomplish our mandate without the supernatural realm. Period!

“It’s not going to happen! We have no ability…we’re not eloquent enough, not smart enough, we’re not anything enough to get the job done without a dimension of the supernatural being manifested in real and tangible ways, so that a dying world can see it – and our doing what we’re called to do

“Wouldn’t it  be wonderful to do everything we’re called to do?…”

“It’s a time of awakening, of people doing what they’re called to do…you are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of your generation. I don’t know a more needy generation. Maybe those of Genesis 6 [Days of Noah] were more needy?

“The apostle Paul talking to Timothy said, ‘you think these days are bad, what about ‘the last days’, when they’ll be lovers of self and money grabbing?’…if apostle Paul needed the supernatural to confront what he did in his day, how much more do we because he said our day will be far worse.

“So the idea that the supernatural is only for the days of the Apostles because of the difficulty of their day is un-biblical. It is an un-biblical posture and we’ve got to break it off the evangelical mind-set of the Church.”

DoW Speakers by Lindi MastersIan Clayton’s personal story is of remarkable recovery from business failure and bankruptcy. In desperation he and his wife had no choice but to turn to God and to rely upon Him as their source of provision and supply. With fears a constant barrage in his face, Ian found the only way to face and deal with them was from above with God. And the only way he could have time for that was during repetitive, routine menial tasks like mowing their large lawn with a push-mower.

On the few times I’ve heard him, Ian often refers the importance of being in “Passionate pursuit of the Person and Presence of God”, which led to profound insights about Creation, time and space and the ‘heavenlies’.

In this gathering Ian launched off with,

ian-300x268“I don’t think that we have a grid yet on the reality of what God is trying to do with us as believers!

“We don’t understand the value that our human body is to God…We have no revelation yet beyond the Cross…The Church has stopped at the Cross and we haven’t gone beyond it!

“I believe that in ‘crossing the Jordan’ is the revelation of our going beyond the Cross because Jesus didn’t actually sort of die – but He sort of did!”

Please don’t presume Ian’s introducing false doctrine akin to Islam’s denial of Jesus’ death. He goes on to talk about the physiological corrosive effect of blood in a dying body, and the possibility Jesus didn’t need it for or after His resurrection. Also, blood relates to breathing and having a voice.

In explaining this he cites disciple Thomas touching Jesus’ wounds. Unlike his brethren, Thomas hadn’t been there to see his teacher display His wounds to them.

For readers unfamiliar with Thomas, I’d explain that he was cynical about their claims. He wanted not only to see for himself that Jesus is alive but also to, “Put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side”, thereby testing their claims (John 20:24-28).

A week layer when they were all together, Jesus materialised out of thin air behind closed doors and invited Thomas to not only ”bring the finger and perceive” the nail marks in His hands but also “thrust hands into My side”  [per Greek-interlinear] which, says Ian, means exactly that rather than simply touch.

Ian’s of the opinion that ‘into’ means the same as being ‘IN Christ’, for he says,

“Thomas put his hands INTO a new creature – not a human being – into a realm that’s to do with the issue of breathing (?) that we have no reference for because the Church has not been into the darkness yet!…I’m trying to make things simple…”

We all laugh and, indeed, Ian’s dramatic sessions are highly interactive. He often pauses with a grin and raised eyebrow to watch reactions and check we’re following him. It’s a standing joke that his theology ‘fries brains’!

“Do you realise ‘Doubting Thomas’ wasn’t doubting at all? He was the only one (of those disciples) that stepped into a revelatory realm in his time, and that others are doubting you can get into!”

[This notion may also give an insight into Mark 16:12 statement that Jesus 'appeared in another form to two of them as they walked into the country' (to Emmaus); also into the 'mystery' of believers' bodies putting off corruption and becoming incorruptible - 1 Cor 15:50-57]

The darkness to which Ian refers isn’t demonic but ‘treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places wherein we can know the God of Israel ‘ (Isaiah 45:3). And that scripture was given not for an Israelite but for the Lord’s anointed gentile, Cyrus king of Persia (per 1st verse). So how much more appropriate it is for believers in Jesus Christ, who are not only His royal priesthood but who also are blessed with ‘power to become sons of God’, to be able to access that treasure. (John 1:12 KJV)

Also, this relates directly to His existence before Creation. From the outset of seeking Him, Ian wanted to know what God was like before the Beginning – “What He was like when He was, before the ‘is’ and ‘was’ became ‘was’.” (‘The Alpha and Omega’ of Rev 1:8).

Personal Note

This journey started with an unexpected hint about what may be a theme for me to note – that of ‘regeneration’. It was fascinating, therefore, how all three teachers dovetailed together and spoke into several personal points. Furthermore, the Lord began a deep stirring over His Word, which Paul Keith picked up upon during ministry time.

I was reminded of the time the Lord impressed upon me the concept of an as yet unwritten book of scripture – one beyond the Bible’s back cover and all about the new earth and new heaven! That is, following Revelation and after the New Jerusalem and the Marriage of the Lamb. A few confirmations soon followed and concluded with teaching upon the Sonship-Bridal Paradigm by Paul Keith (see Revival 1:glory stories).

So the ‘Days of Wonder’ meeting plugs into that concept, especially with Ian’s teaching on how God exists outside time in eternity as The Alpha and Omega, where the End meets the Beginning,

“We don’t understand what God is. To understand what we will become we have to go back to the beginning; we’ll end up in the beginning – we’re going back into what we were, because Hebrews think circular. God is Alpha and Omega and what started is where we will finish…”

His exposition on this and the gift of prophecy and creating our future was fascinating.

So the concept of God’s glory hidden in holy darkness is intriguing; even illuminating, in view of what I once saw long before I was born-again. Living unbeknown in the enemy’s camp, I dreamt of a huge, black thunder-cloud coming over the horizon. Much as I love  watching thunderstorms and recalled many ferocious ones in Italy and Greece, this one was menacing because it possessed a brooding intelligence. A deep fear came upon me. I didn’t know about Ezekiel’s vision, but his opening description of the cloud of God was like my dream (Ezek 1:4).

Also, a question I wanted to ask Ian about a pre-Christian experience in ‘nirvana’ and the devourer was answered by his teaching. Thus, I understand the realm of a second heaven is accessible to anyone practising occult techniques, but only those who are ‘in Christ’ are protected by His blood and may enter the third heaven, as did apostle Paul (2Cor 12:2) – and Thomas!

A couple of other things he mentioned in passing connected into things I’d sensed, and Paul Keith also spoke into thoughts I’d had on Daniel, judgement and contending. And on the final day Ian taught about ‘The Age to Come’!

My notes can but give a brief ‘taster’ of these ‘Days of Wonder’ and I’m listening again to the sessions and trying to process everything.

And I’ve yet to explain about the lion, as promised in my musings upon Fflad-y-Brenin..

Dr Sharon Stone: Prophetic Voice TV

Watch out for Revd. Dr Stone’s new teaching medium,  due to be launched on 8th September. This is closely connected with her Kingdom Leadership Training course, the main material for which is delivered monthly at Mentoring Days in Windsor.

Propehtic Voice launch-bg_1

Echoes of a Voice

Richard Barker:

After returning home and starting to process what happened during our visit to South Wales and the gathering in Cardiff, I found this a welcome reminder from a different but parallel perspective that the Lord deeply desires our intimacy and to take us deeper into Him.

Originally posted on Science and Belief:

cathedral Cologne 1216095_23168992 Rudy Tiben copyWhat is the difference between a cathedral and a physics lab? Are they not both saying: Hello?

The Christian writer J.W. Sire quoted this line from Annie Dillard[1] in Echoes of a Voice, a new book that explores the phenomenon of spiritual or ‘transcendent’ experiences. What are they, why do they happen, and do they mean anything?

I have written about the more numinous side of science many times on this blog (see Transcendence and Transcendent Science). Scientists often speak of a reality beyond the objects they are studying, and for some this is encountered in powerful – if rare – experiences of wonder and awe. Perhaps my experience in the Smithsonian Museum that I described last week also comes into that category?

I found Sire’s analysis of these experiences helpful. He describes moments that are

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