Aliss Cresswell: prophetic word for 2016 – massive spiritual shift

RobnAliss_200_photoAliss and husband Rob lead Morning Star Europe and its relational network from Chester, England.

Several especially interesting points in the detailed word she brings resonate with me, for example: the return of those who’ve been offended or hurt by church or feel disqualified, misunderstood and disillusioned – unexpected ones from other faiths, New Agers and celebrities encountering Jesus – the emergence of radical followers – the prophetic going up a whole new level – the relevance of Daniel and of Cyrus for 2016.

Aliss writes,

“There has been a massive shift spiritually worldwide, which is also affecting the physical realm. Here is what I sense the Lord showing me beginning to happen right now at the start of 2016….” continue reading here.

She covers prophetically:

  • A Grassroots Movement Arising
  • Signs, Wonders and Miracles
  • Many Returning To The Fight
  • True Christianity Going Viral
  • The King Cyrus Anointing
  • The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation
  • Apostolic & Prophetic Partnership
  • The Warrior Bride
  • Revelation 4:1 Doors Are Open
  • Love and Courage Will Increase

May you be mightily blessed as you weigh and discern with the Lord and His Word.

White Door in Skydoor

[White Door in Sky by Nattavut, courtesy]

Dream of Pope and Potus on a plane

Credit Reuters_Kevin LamarqueA headline on Barack Obama’s ‘stand-out’ moment of praying with Pope Francis reminds me of a dream I had a few weeks ago.

Christian Post’s reporter Stoyan Zaimov briefly summarises Potus’ wide-ranging interview on ‘CBS This Morning’ and quotes him as singling out the Pope’s visit to the White House last September as a ‘stand-out’ moment in his presidency wherein he shared thoughts and prayers with the leader of the world’s Roman Catholics.  Obama claims, “He’s somebody who is the real deal. I think he deeply cares about people, about the vulnerable”.

I recall awakening from an unusual dream about the two famous personages, wondering what it meant.  The dream had no sequential story or dialogue but was simply a snapshot. That is, I saw them in a large room on board an aircraft high in the stratosphere and my first thought was they were on the renowned Air Force One.

An obvious inference is they’re both ‘high flyers’ as global leaders. But my understanding upon asking as I awoke is that, despite appearances to the contrary, they’re both moving so far above ground as to be out of touch with real affairs – if not in ‘cloud-cuckoo land’! For instance, announcements during the official visit to New York indicate their agreeing that the world’s number one priority is tackling climate-change – not the on-going genocide of Christians in the Middle-east and Africa!!

More importantly, such a dream scenario signifies seclusion to confer and plan in secret well away from prying eyes and minds – BUT nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account! (Hebrew 4:13 NIV)

Furthermore, let’s not overlook Neville Johnson’s prophetical remarks about these leaders activities during that visit (Why this September is special – 2: refers).

God wants to be seen in our wilderness experiences

JMK“I want to share the most supernatural thing that’s ever happened to me in my life” said associate pastor John Michael Kilpatrick when he started addressing online viewers of Sunday’s service at Church of His Presence.

He’s experienced things that were beyond comprehension at the Brownsville Revival, which his father hosted from 1995 – but last Friday morning was so “very special…I’ll never forget”.

John Michael recounts how he was awakened at 1.30am by a ‘chirping’ smoke-detector to warn of flat battery. After dealing with it, it just wasn’t possible to return to sleep but he lay trying to wind down and not think of anything. He tells what happened next.:

“God’s my witness – I’d never lie to you anyway….I’m telling you this happened – I’m not drifting off to sleep, I’m just laying there (and)

“Like a speaker came on in my room and an English accent – a man with an English-accent voice – spoke these words to me. He said,

“Would you like to see me in your wilderness experience?”

“I was so blown away I could not believe what was happening. I heard, I did not sense in my spirit. The Lord did not speak to me in my spirit – (tapping his left ear) these ears heard an Englishman talking in my bedroom!

“I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t alarmed, I didn’t freak out. I knew it was of God, sending some messenger…

“I’m here to tell you I don’t know what you’re going through but God wants to be a part of it…”

Listen to the full 5-6 minutes, beginning at the 1:05:25 mark on this archive video, and his response, his brief man-to-man chat, declaration of breakthrough and receive the blessing conveyed to everyone after he emphasises,

“I’m telling you: God wants you to see Him in your wilderness experience – alleluia!”

Maybe the use of an English voice means this is especially for Brits. But whatever, as an Englishman I seized upon this word straight away for application wherever suitable. Also, knowing others in the UK who watch CHP, maybe this word could encourage them too.

As blogged the next day, that morning’s Scottish Lion Bite Suddenly I Acted echoes and expands upon what the American brought. For example,

‘…the Lord says that this is the day that He begins to manifest into your midst that which He has spoken!…’

Lastly, this was highly amusing because we chuckle at the occasional funny oddities of father and son’s Alabama accents and love their friendly way. Leaders and members of CHP are very well acquainted with our accent from Nathans Morris and Marrow’s work during The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival.

[Photo John Michael Kilpatrick, credit Church of His Presence]

The most momentous world-changing events in 2,000 years? (#2)

After a short but relevant digression let’s continue my report on Clifford Hill’s editorial on the reconciliation between Orthodox Judaism and Catholicism by looking at the other possible world-changing event I alluded to when summing up Five Spiritual Trends. This one came to my attention on New Year’s Eve thanks to Anne Kelly, but matters delayed my coverage until Dr Hill’s item:

Arieol Cohen Alloro with Canon Andrew White, courtesy Facing Each Other

Ariel Cohen Alloro with Canon Andrew White, courtesy Facing Each Other (Facebook)

‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Canon Andrew White reports on 29th Dec on Facebook that,

Orthodox Rabbi Cohen believes Jesus is coming soon, he keeps stressing he is in no way a messianic Jew. He is very Kabbalistic though. All he presents is very complex. With my Jewish understanding hat on I can’t accept this but without my kippa on …………..’

They met on 14th December in King David Hotel, Jerusalem, and recorded a 7 minutes video (rabbi’s voice is very soft and we notice a slight effect of MS in the canon’s louder tone). YouTube notes: ‘Ariel Cohen Alloro is introducing Canon Andrew White to his Jewish Orthodox historical challenge to legally return Yeshua to Israel, back to the Jewish establishment and to reach authentic ideological reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity’.

PEACEAccording his website Facing Each Other, “Ariel is not an official Rabbi, but a dilligent student of one of the greatest Rabbis today, who mastered the discipline of his Teacher and brings us now his innovative work, an essential contribution for the redemption of Israel and the whole world.  This is an original initiative by Ariel Cohen Alloro who is an Orthodox Jewish Priest (Cohen) and it comes out of his personal discovery in the Torah and Chassidic Judaism.”

Furthermore it claims, “The Message of Ariel Cohen Alloro is perfectly balanced between Judaism and Christianity and is using the proper tools to create unity among all believers in a Messianic redemption of the world.

“When you listen to Ariel, please bear in mind that every statement he makes is in perfect harmony with traditional Judaism and yet it fits the concepts of traditional Christianity too in an unusual way, a way that Jewish mind can absorb and Christian mind can fathom. It is a phenomena how Tree of Joseph (Christianity) and Tree of Judah perfectly unite and become one Tree….”

A brief video of their later meeting provides a useful summation for Andrew stresses in introducing his friend that,

“What rabbi Cohen is insistent upon is that Jesus has a role in returning to the real Israel – NOT some theoretical Israel in the sky! – but Israel here and now.”

Be discerningly blessed as you listen and investigate. In part 3 we will briefly recap upon developments as well as consider a Messianic standpoint.

Brief ‘Bio’:

Mentioned occasionally on this blog, this will introduce overseas and newer readers to Canon Andrew White, Vicar of St. George’s Church in Baghdad and president of The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. Andrew works to provide spiritual home, medical care and humanitarian relief to the region while promoting reconciliation among Christians, Jews and Muslims in the most dangerous areas of the world.

VoB frontBefore his 15 years in Baghdad, he served as a mediator between Israel and Palestinians and rose to prominence in the Siege of the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem. Personal contacts with Yasser Arafat and Israeli PM Ariel Sharon resulted in their joint approval to a draft declaration against violence in the name of religion. This was put to religious leaders of all three Holy Land faiths. Through exhausting discussions agreement was reached but the only difficulties came from Christians(!!), who “often feel they have to be even more Palestinian than the Muslims, to show how committed they are to the cause”, on top of “rivalries and tensions between different denominations”!!

The outcome in January 2002 was ‘The Alexandria Declaration’, from which many other initiatives have arisen despite continual violence. Andrew writes, “The sticking points were not theological but political”. (See Encouraging news from Iraq.)

Read also Cranmer’s Canon White deserves a Knighthood, which concludes by saying he deserves a gallantry medal.

Patsy Southway: Keys – Keys – Keys!

Here’s the prophetic word referred to at the close of Is this my exploding Bible’ 1,000th piece?, and which Patsy published on Sunday.:

Patsy Southway‘I shared with a few friends on Friday that for the past week I’ve been seeing lots of keys. God started speaking to me about KEYS & CLOCKS at the beginning of this year which I shared with my advisory team on January 9th 2016. But I was seeing in part and needed to see more in order to understand.

‘So I want to share with you what I’m currently seeing regarding this: 16:19 says:
‘And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; whatever doors you lock on earth shall be locked in Heaven; and whatever doors you open on earth shall be opened in Heaven!’

‘We have been given KEYS. I saw a large bunch of keys; different shapes and sizes. Some really really small and some really really large! The size was not important as EACH KEY unlocks for YOU whatever is needed RIGHT NOW!

‘Let’s just stop and think about that scripture. I pray that revelation will just explode in you about this! The immense privilege and authority that God has given to us, just blows my mind!

‘We, you and I, have been given KEYS of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN to LOCK and UNLOCK!!

church_doors-235x350‘During the latter part of this week I have been LOCKING and UNLOCKING doors. Unlocking doors of HEALING, RESTORATION, FINANCES etc praying in alignment with the WORD of God, the promises of God and the dreams, visions and prophetic words that He has given.

‘Also LOCKING and bringing to a HALT the works of darkness within families, church gatherings and NATIONS!

‘While I was in prayer with this I saw a MAJOR change happening in Europe and will be flying out to the centre of Europe in 10 days. Prayer cover appreciated – thank you 💕

‘So…..I want to encourage YOU to take hold of these KEYS and to begin to UNLOCK what the Holy Spirit shows you, both for your own life and for the wider; the Kingdom, your neighbourhood, Church and Nation.

‘Please feel free to send me some feed back on what’s happening as we see the Increase of God’s Kingdom throughout the World!’ [Patsy’s blog is at PICK Ministries.]

Newer subscribers may like this published a year and a week ago > Incredible timing of ‘unsealing’ and ‘keys’ re Daniel’s visions (and see Comments). Since New Year I’ve been wanting to update that as the 1,000th piece – but other material sprang up on the way, yet didn’t get in the way. As in John 3.8, I’m prone to blogging wherever the Wind of the Spirit blows…

[Image credit: Hand Giving A Key by Chaiwat, courtesy]